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The Challenge is Complicated

Success is entirely based on personal relationships

We understand the opportunities and risks that lie in the distribution of content on key platforms across the world…we are good at this!

If you are planning to develop or expand a linear channel, VOD, OTT or PPV services and are interested in exploring the possibilities in US, Europe and key emerging markets, this is the right place to be. Our aim is to take content owners and help secure distribution across cross platforms through PAY and Ad funded models across a variety of platforms, including cable, satellite, mobile and internet.

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Investors in Media Related Businesses

We invest in media and entertainment companies

The finance and expertise we provide helps to keep them growing. Our expertise and success are founded on many years' experience.

We have advised many of the companies that are defining popular culture and transforming the media landscape. Our wealth of experience in strategy, operations and management, together with our extensive international network of relationships across the sector, enables us to work with managers to develop, support and execute their business plans.

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Introducing Kamlesh Patel

CEO and Founder of TVmedia3

Kamlesh Patel has invested in and successfully distributed TV content all over the world across UK, EMEA, India, China, Japan and USA, with some excellent relationships in the TV and Media Landscape all over the World.

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